30 Years of CFCCA | Stanley Chow


5 February - 31 December 2016
Part of 30 years of CFCCA


CFCCA is proud to launch our new limited edition print shop with a series of exclusive works by celebrated Manchester artist Stanley Chow.

We originally worked with Stanley Chow in 2014 when we hosted The Takeawaya retrospective of his work influenced by memories of his childhood. The exhibition and accompanying sale of his artworks was extremely well attended and a highlight of CFCCA's programme.

My 1st home - Stanley Chow 2016

Zheng Haozhong

John Moores Painting Prize (China) 2014

7 July - 7 August 2016, Preview - Wed 6th July 2016, 6-8pm

Gallery 1

CFCCA continues its relationship with the John Moores Painting Prize (China) through a presentation of work by 2014 prize winner Zheng Haozhong.

Born in 1985, Zheng Haozhong graduated from Beijing’s Central Academy of Fine Arts in 2008. A young rising star, he has already attracted the attention of art institutions and private art collections around the world.

Zheng paints the life surrounding him, providing a refreshing look into the changing landscape of rural China today. Working primarily with oil on canvas, his works give us a fresh take on portraiture. Both lyrical and thoughtful, the artist lets the ideas of space and time play out directly in his paintings.



30 Years of CFCCA | Yu-Chen Wang

24 June - 31 July, Preview – Thursday 23 June, 6-8pm
Part of 30 years of CFCCA

Gallery 2

Live Art Performance
CFCCA, Thursday 23 June 2016, 6-8pm

Performance: 6.30pm | Click here to RSVP
The preview event for Yu-Chen Wang’s exhibition will feature a live performance of The Island in Gallery 2, developed from the artist’s project of the same name (2015) and performed by Katherine Godfrey. This will mark the second collaboration between Katherine and Yu-Chen with CFCCA; The Splash and A Last Drop was performed at Manchester’s Victoria Baths as part of FutureEverything Festival (2011).

Contemporary Painting in China

The Walker Art Gallery
William Brown Street, Liverpool L3 8EL

Sunday 10 July 2016, 2-3pm | Free
Tickets available here

This panel discussion organised in partnership with Liverpool Biennial and the John Moores Painting Prize (China) will focus on the role of contemporary painting in China today. The panel will feature both the 2014 and 2016 recipients of the John Moores Painting Prize China, alongside CFCCA Curator Ying Tan and judges from this year’s prize. This open and informative event will provide a broad overview of Chinese contemporary painting and an interesting and detailed look at the bi-annual painting prize.

Winner of John Moores Painting Prize (China) 2014, Zheng Haozhong, presents his work at CFCCA in Gallery 1 from 7 July - 7 August 2016, with a preview event on Wednesday 6 July 2016, 6-8pm.

A New Chineseness

The Bluecoat
School Lane, Liverpool

Saturday 30 July 2016, 4pm | Free
Tickets available here

In partnership with Liverpool Biennial, The Centre For Chinese Contemporary Art will present an in conversation event between CFCCA Curator Ying Tan and subject specialist writer/reviewer En Liang Khong. The event will explore the concept of 'Chineseness', a discourse currently being debated in response to Chinese contemporary artists and their perceptions of identity.

Chinese New Year - CityCo

Lu Pingyuan

James Stanley, the Seventh Earl of Derby

5 August – 17 October 2016
Preview - Thursday 4 August 2016, 6-8pm
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Gallery 2

Shanghai-based artist, Lu Pingyuan (b. 1984, Zhejiang Province, China) writes stories as a way to express his artistic points of view. The stories are partly authentic and partly fictional, often enigmatic and concerned with spiritual themes. His interest in the supernatural attracted him to the reports of mysterious sightings of a ghost, seen by staff of the Ye Olde Man and Scythe pub in Bolton and also captured on CCTV.

The pub, which dates from 1251, is the fourth-oldest pub in Britain and is reputedly haunted by the Seventh Earl of Derby, James Stanley. The royalist, whose family originally owned the inn, is said to have spent the last hours of his life there before he was beheaded in 1651 towards the end of the Civil War.

On learning about this phenomenon, Lu Pingyuan was inspired to attempt to catch the ghost of this historical figure - a symbolic act in reaction to the UK’s colonialist past, which saw great losses of both tangible and intangible cultural assets by other nations.

Alongside the exhibition in CFCCA’s Gallery 2, Lu Pingyuan has been working with Liverpool Biennial 2016 to create a new piece of work which draws upon his trademark elements of narrative and imagination. Do Not Open It is a site-specific installation featuring two doors; the first set into a brick wall on Stanhope Street in Liverpool and the second to be permanently installed at CFCCA. The doors are a portal between Liverpool and Manchester, designed to transport the audience through the Episodes which make up Liverpool Biennial 2016.

Kuo I-Chen Residency

Taipei Artist Village Exchange Programme

15 August - 14 November 2016
Open Studio: Thursday 20 October 2016, 6-8pm

Residency Space

Through his practice, Taiwanese artist Kuo I-Chen interrogates the process of residencies themselves. He recently developed the STUPIN website, a platform for residency exchange allowing artists to directly swap studios and resources, creating new opportunities for collaboration.

For his CFCCA residency, I-Chen will work with different artists, studios and University courses across the city of Manchester to explore the concepts of collaboration and exchange.



Remnants of an Electronic Past

19 August – 9 October 2016, Preview - Thursday 18 August 2016, 6-8pm

Gallery 1

This year Manchester celebrates its position as European City of Science 2016. To mark this occasion, CFCCA’s programme will explore the boundaries between art and science through the lens of Chinese contemporary art. Opening this programme is Remnants of an Electronic Past, a solo exhibition from Shanghai based new media artist 'aaajiao'.

Trained as a computer programmer, aaajiao works extensively with new technologies through his work (even his artist name comes from the handle of his online presence).

Through reproduction of sculptural elements to represent a ‘digital graveyard’, aaajiao uses his own unique approach to contemporary technology to contemplate what happens to obsolete versions of software as technology moves forward asking the question, where does software go to die?

Dani Ploeger: Retired Cybernetic Organism #2

Saturday 24 September, 4-5pm | Free
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Part lecture part performance, this unique event explores the interaction between cyborg bodies and electronic waste.

Dani Ploeger is interested in the spectacles of sex, violence and waste in technoconsumer culture. His work encompasses computer programming, electronics, hacking, cultural theory and performance. His artwork has been shown at festivals including transmediale (Berlin), WRO Media Art Biennale (Wroclaw), RIXC (Riga).

Curated by Marianna Tsionki

Tarot Card Reading Workshop: Yin-Ju Chen

Godlee Observatory, The University of Manchester
Tuesday 18 October, 6 - 7.30pm | Free

Led by artist Yin-Ju Chen, this workshop will invite participants to learn the art of tarot card reading and hear more about the artist's unique practice.