Gallery 2: Samson Young


Gallery 2

Samson Young

7 July – 29 October

One of Two Stories, or Both (Field Bagatelles) is a newly commissioned radio series and gallery installation inspired by tales of Chinese migrants, presented as part of Manchester International Festival. Fresh from representing Hong Kong at the Venice Biennale, sound artist and composer Samson Young will take visitors and listeners on a journey inspired by the myths and legendary tales of 17th-century Chinese travellers making their way to Europe on foot.
The work begins with a fivepart radio series performed by a cast of actors, artists and musicians. Presented in front of a live studio audience over five evenings at Low Four in Old Granada Studios, this tapestry of sound, oral histories, songs and poetry will also be broadcast throughout Manchester on FM and online.

Following the radio series, an immersive audio-visual installation will be presented in the gallery at CFCCA. This multi-layered piece will incorporate material from the radio performances to provide another intriguing perspective to these stories, and investigate how journeys are remembered and retold.

Commissioned by Manchester International Festival, Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Edouard Malingue Gallery, University of Salford Art Collection, and West Kowloon Cultural District. Supported by Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London as part of its programme of events commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Gallery 1: From Ocean to Horizon

From Ocean to Horizon

Gallery 1

Au Hoi Lam
Ko Sin Tung
Kong Chun Hei
Sarah Lai
Ocean Leung
Tang Kwok-hin
Trevor Yeung

7 July – 29 October

Launch event
Thursday 6 July
6 – 8pm

From Ocean to Horizon is a group exhibition featuring established and emerging creative talents from Hong Kong, most of whom have previously never exhibited in the UK, presenting unique perspectives on living and working in present-day Hong Kong.

The title of the exhibition is inspired by the relationship between the ocean and the horizon line: a fluid, imaginary and liminal intersection between sea and sky. This shifting boundary is symbolic of Hong Kong as a city that defies categorisation, a dense metropolis undergoing continual and rapid physical, social and cultural transformations – and one that also has a very special relationship to the ocean with its unique island geography and famous deep, natural harbour.

Artists have been invited to reflect on how they have personally responded and adapted to change and uncertainty in their home city in the last two decades following the handover in 1997 and the impact this has had on their artistic practice, with the aim to contribute to a critical discussion about Hong Kong’s recent history.

Au Hoi Lam considers 1997 as a personal milestone, as this was the year she embarked on a career in fine art. For this exhibition, she
will be creating a large painting composed of fragments of her memories for each of the past 20 years in Hong Kong. Sarah Lai and Ko Sin Tung will create new works responding to the themes of oceans and bodies of water through their everyday experiences of living and working in Hong Kong. Ocean Leung’s new work will involve two moving image pieces which play on interventions and interruptions of our viewing experience whilst Trevor Yeung will draw from his practice of using locally sourced horticultural materials to poetically interpret our physical landscapes.

In Lying in Gardens 謊園 (2016) Tang Kwok-hin investigates the idea of formal borders, boundaries and official demarcations. Through this video installation he traces the physical divides that exist within public spaces in Hong Kong. In addition to the exhibition Kong Chun Hei will complete a two-month artist’s residency at the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art funded by Manchester Metropolitan University through which he will develop work leading to a studio exhibition, responding to his experience of Manchester.

This exhibition is co-curated by Ying Kwok (Independent Curator, Hong Kong), Lindsay Taylor (Art Curator, University of Salford)
and Ying Tan (Curator, CFCCA) and has been made possible with the support of the University of Salford Art Collection, Manchester Metropolitan University and the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London as part of its programme of events commemorating the 20th Anniversary of the establishment of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region.

Image, above: Tang Kwok-hin, installation shot of Lying in Gardens (2016). Image courtesy of the artist.

Image, left: Trevor Yeung, Live in Hong Kong, Born in Dongguan (2015). Image courtesy of the artist.

Workshop: Tea Total

Tea Total: Tea Tasting Workshops with Tea Mandala
Sunday 24 September, 2 – 4pm
Sunday 10 December, 2 – 4pm
Festive Weekend Special with winter themed teas!
£10, Advance booking required - CLICK HERE

Join us on a journey from leaf to cup, and sample some of the finest teas from China and all over the world. We’ll show you how to get the best flavour from your tea leaves with some expert brewing tips, and demonstrate different ways to infuse them, from traditional methods to modern techniques. Whether you love your ‘normal tea’ with milk, or consider yourself a tea connoisseur, these are enjoyable and informative afternoons for all.

Sunday 24 September - explore exquisite teas and learn how they are expertly made by generations of tea masters from old trees with great lineage, and experience why these particular teas are so prized.

Sunday 10 December - part of our Festive Weekend Special with winter themed teas!

Our workshops are led by Tea Mandala, a Manchester based venture that aims to share and educate people about the healing properties of tea (camellia sinensis) and herbal infusions. They source, create and blend teas and herbs from their own unique recipes inspired by their travels in India, China and around the world, studying the ancient medicine system of Ayurveda, and passion for flavour.

Thursday Late

Thursday Late
Thursday 28 September, 5-8pm

Open until 8pm on the last Thursday of every month, CFCCA offers an opportunity to enjoy an evening in the gallery or participate in a unique event, including performances, film screenings and informal talks. Entry to the gallery is free.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Word/Music (Obfuscation By Numbers): A performance by Kelvin Brown & Semay Wu has been cancelled.

CFCCA will remain open until 8pm with the opportunity to visit our current exhibitions; Samson Young: One of Two Stories, Or Both (Field Bagatelles) and From Ocean to Horizon.

Residency: Kelvin Brown

Kelvin Brown
Studio Exhibition:
Ode to the Red Cliffs – from Wuhan
to Manchester
31 August – 1 October

Due to unforeseen circumstances this installation has been cancelled. We apologise for any inconvenience caused. For more information on our current programme, please click here.
Kelvin Brown’s exhibition explores the connection between tonal languages such as mandarin and music, and in doing so finds a link between ancient Chinese poetry and the heavily regulated social media networks of contemporary China.

This new installation is based on work originally made and exhibited at the K11 Art Village in Wuhan, China as part of a CFCCA organised residency in 2016. ‘Ode to the Red Cliffs’ by 11th century poet Su Shi was read aloud by 50 Wuhan residents, and these recordings were then subject to software analysis to generate a series of musical scores. Taking speech as their starting point, the compositions capture the melodic quality of Chinese dialects. When the work was presented at K11 it existed entirely in virtual form – uploaded, distributed and accessed via the Chinese social media platform WeChat.

At CFCCA, these sound pieces will be re-assembled into a physical installation and accompanying performance. Supported by Manchester City Council as part of the Manchester Wuhan sister cities 30 year anniversary in 2016.

Mandarin Corner

Every first Saturday of the month, 1.30 - 3.30pm 

Saturday 7 October

Mandarin Corner is an informal monthly workshop for those with an interest in learning more about Mandarin language and broader Chinese culture. The sessions are hosted by CFCCA volunteers and cover spoken and written Mandarin, across a wide variety of topics - often themed to CFCCA's current exhibitions or other current affairs

Session are free, informal and open to all, from complete beginners and upwards! It's a great way to test and develop your spoken and written Mandarin as well as gain a greater understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese culture.

Booking is not required however please ensure you arrive on time for the start of the sessions.
For more information and enquiries please email:

Rare Book Club: London Metropolitan Archives

Rare Book Club: London Metropolitan Archives
12 October, 6 – 8pm
Free entry, booking required

Sally Bevan, Senior Archivist at the London Metropolitan Archives (LMA), will present a talk discussing the Chinese Community Collections of the LMA, documenting the vibrant Chinese community in London since the first settlers in the eighteenth century.

Reserve your place here.

Workshop: The Art and Craft of Foley

The Art and Craft of Foley
Saturday 21 October, 2 – 4pm
£4, 16+, booking required

Inspired by Samson Young’s radio drama CFCCA will host an interactive workshop on the art of Foley with a live demonstration and workshop from the University of Salford Music Department and Low Four Studio. Foley is the hidden technique of designing and recording performed sound effects, often in sync to film, TV or radio. Uncover some of the Foley techniques used by Samson Young in his 2017 Manchester International Festival radio series and sound installation. Workshop attendees will also have a go at creating and recording their own Foley sounds.

This workshop explores the science and technology of broadcasting and the transmission of sound in response to Samson Young’s radio series. In collaboration with Manchester Science Festival.

Click here to book tickets through Manchester Science Festival.

Workshop: Pirate Radio workshop with Radio Arts

Pirate Radio workshop with Radio Arts
Sunday 22 October, 1 – 4pm
£4, 16+, booking required
This workshop will take place at the Museum of Science and Industry

Build your own mini FM transmitter like those that inspired the ‘mini FM’ movement in Japan and Italy in the 1970s. More popularly known as ‘pirate radio’, communities used them to form their own broadcast networks, as the ultra-low wattage of the transmitter circumvented public broadcasting laws. This workshop explores the science and technology of broadcasting and transmission of sound in response to Samson Young’s radio series.

Click here to book tickets through Manchester Science Festival.

Thursday Late – A Window On… (Re)Imagining Youth in Hong Kong and Scotland

Thursday Late - A Window On… (Re)Imagining Youth in Hong Kong and Scotland
Thursday 26 October, 6 – 7.30pm

As young people across the world are increasingly confronted with a lack of work, housing, and social stability this talk will explore the emergence of youth political movements in two very different contexts. In 2014 the youth-led ‘Occupy’ movement for universal suffrage brought the eyes of the world’s media onto the city of Hong Kong; whilst at the same time in Scotland, the independence referendum saw young people – including 16 and 17 year-olds – politically mobilised as never before. Drawing on a study of youth leisure in Scotland and Hong Kong, this talk by Dr Susan Batchelor, Senior Lecturer of Sociology and Dr Alistair Fraser, Lecturer in Criminology (Sociology) at the University of Glasgow, will discuss these political movements, reflecting on issues of globalisation, social change and forms of engagement.

Thursday Late at Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art
On the last Thursday of the month the gallery stays open until 8pm offering an opportunity to drop in and enjoy an evening in the gallery or participate in a series of unique events exploring different aspects of the exhibitions programme. The event will start with welcoming Chinese Tea tasting experience led by local tea experts Tea Mandala.