First Step: Susie Tsang

What's Left is Unsaid

26 September 2014 - 18 January 2015

Showcasing graduate talent through site-specific installations in our stairwell

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Susie Tsang - What's Left is Unsaid (2014) - image courtesy of the artist

Compassionate Communities

3rd November, 11am and 2pm

Imperial War Museum North

As part of ATM14 Collaborations, the Compassionate Communities project will engage with Asian and other communities in Manchester. This will reflect local people’s experiences and encourage learning based on the ATM14 theme, sharing traditional and contemporary skills using a “pass it on” approach and producing work to be shown as part of the main festival.

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Castlefield Gallery & Manchester Craft and Design Centre

In addition to the artists and works displayed through Harmonious Society, CFCCA would also like to support the fantastic exhibitions taking place at our fellow Manchester City Centre ATM14 venues: Castlefield Gallery and Manchester Craft and Design Centre.

Manchester Craft and Design Centre will be exhibiting: Swags and Tails by textile artist Kashif Nadim Chaudry from 27th September to 31st January 2015.

Described as "bold, brave and disgustingly beautiful", Chaudry’s work focuses on negotiating and constructing an identity as a British born, Pakistani, gay Muslim. His uncompromising, performative installations bring together a family history of tailoring, borrowing from historical periods such as Mughal India and Tudor Britain, and the creative disciplines of sculpture, architecture, interior design and Bollywood cinema. His work is both opulent and abject, working with luxurious fabrics as well as human hair and animal bones. The work manages to blend a distinguished tailoring heritage with an uncompromising taste for mischief.

Click here to find out more.

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Kashif Nadim Chaudry - Swags and Tales - Manchester Craft and Design Centre Hardeep Pandhai - A Joyous Thing with Maggots at the Centre

Harmonious Society at National Football Museum

Artists: Chen Wenbo (Beijing), Kan Xuan (Beijing), Liu Jianhua (Shanghai), TOF Group (Shanghai), Yang Zhenzhong (Shanghai).

The National Football Museum exists to explain how and why football has become ‘the people’s game’, a key part of England’s heritage and a way of life. The Museum has a long term mission, a responsibility to protect football’s heritage and culture for future generations as well as current audiences.

National Football Museum
Urbis Building
Cathedral Gardens
M4 3BG

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10am-5pm, Sunday 11am-5pm
Main telephone number: +44(0)161 870 9275

Twitter: @footballmuseum
Facebook: NationalFootballMuseum

Click here to download the Harmonious Society Brochure

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Chen Wenbo, Tactics, 2014 (2) All images courtesy of the artist Yan Zhengzhong - Long Live the Great Union (2011) - image courtesy of the artist

Harmonious Society at Museum of Science and Industry

Artists: Chen Chieh-Jen (Taipei), Chang Huei-Ming (Taipei), Luxury Logico (Taipei), Kao Jun-Honn (Taipei), Yao Jui-Chung (Taipei), Lee Kit (Hong Kong)

The Museum of Science & Industry tells the story of where science met technology and the modern world began. Located on the historic site of the world’s oldest surviving passenger railway, the Museum’s collection illustrates Manchester’s scientific and industrial heritage.

Museum of Science & Industry
Liverpool Road
M3 4FP

Opening hours: 10am - 5pm every day

Main telephone:+44(0)161 832 2244

Twitter: @voiceofmosi
Facebook: MOSIManchester
Youtube: mosimanchester
Flickr: scienceandindustry

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Kao Jun Honn - Malan Girl, 2014, Image courtesy of the artist Chang Huei-Ming - The Last Rose (2010) - image courtesy of the artist

Harmonious Society at Manchester Cathedral

Artists: Zheng Guogu (Yangjiang), Li Wei (Beijing)

Manchester Cathedral is a Grade 1 listed masterpiece awarded a charter by Henry V in 1421. The Cathedral is a historic institution, a place of worship and a medieval tourist attraction. All welcome.

Manchester Cathedral
Victoria Street
M3 1SX

Opening hours: Monday – Saturday 10.00am – 6.00pm, Sunday 10am – 6.30pm
(These times may vary during special events.)

Main telephone:  +44(0)161 833 2220

Twitter: @ManCathedral
Facebook: ManchesterCathedral

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Li Wei A Decorative Thing, 2014 photo Tristan Poyser Li Wei - untitled (2014) - image courtesy of the artist

Harmonious Society at The John Ryland’s Library

Artists: Wang Yuyang (Beijing), Zhao Yao (Beijing), Annie Wan Lai-kuen (Hong Kong), Samson Young (Hong Kong)

Built in the 1890s, The John Rylands Library is a neo-gothic wonder and one of the world’s most beautiful libraries. The Library’s internationally significant collections represent over 5000 years of human creativity, ingenuity and exploration.

The John Rylands Library,
150 Deansgate,
M3 3EH

 Opening hours: Monday and Sunday 12 noon - 5pm
Tuesday – Saturday 10am - 5pm

 Main telephone: +44(0)161 306 0555

Twitter: @TheJohnRylands
Facebook: JohnRylandsLibrary
Instagrams: @TheJohnRylands

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Zhao Yao Wonderlands, 2014 Photo Joel Chester Fildes

Harmonious Society at ArtWork

Artists: Chen Ching-yuan (Taipei), TOF Group (Shanghai), Wang Sishun (Beijing), Wang Yin (Beijing), Xu Qu (Beijing), Yan Bing (Beijing), Yuan Gong (Shanghai), Zhang Peili, Zhou Xiaohu (Shanghai), Leung Chi Wo (Hong Kong), He An (Beijing) and Zhuang Hui (Beijing)

Click here to download the Harmonious Society Brochure

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Wang Yin  - 藏族舞2 布面油彩 (2012) - image courtesy of the artist
Zhou Xiaohu - untitled (2014) - image courtesy of the artist

Harmonious Society Award for Art Criticism 2014

Harmonious Society Award for Art Criticism 2014 seeks to discover talented young writers who are engaging with Chinese Contemporary Art. Jointly organised by the Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art (CFCCA) and the University of Salford, the award winner will receive £300, with four runner-up prizes of £50. This award aims to stimulate engaging critical art writing and offers its recipients a platform from which to launch their career in art criticism. All award winners will have their writing published on the CFCCA website.



Harmonious Society Award for Art Criticism 2014 invites new art writers to respond to the Harmonious Society exhibition through either:



- A critical review of the exhibition

- A piece of creative writing that extend the themes of the exhibition


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Manchester Cathedral HS Launch - image courtesy of Colette Longden CFCCA HS Launch - image courtesy of Colette Longden

Pak Sheung Chuen Workshop Series

Pak Sheung Chuen, Resenting Hong Kong Series: Resenting My Own History

Ongoing - CFCCA (Gallery 2)

This ongoing interactive installation looks at Hong Kong’s colonial past and current situation. The artist invites as many participants as possible to make their own mark on a HK$1 coin, and the output will become part of the exhibition and the artist's wider work.

The instructions are simple!

  1. Select an available HK$1 coin from the folder in Gallery 2
  2. Collect the coin at the front desk
  3. Fill in the questionnaire in the folder and return.
  4. Bring the coin to a place of your choice in UK and take a picture.
  5. Scrape it against the ground;
  6. Take photos of the scraped coin and the ‘mark’ on the ground;
  7. Post the scraped coin (or hand it to front desk) and email or tweet the photos to CFCCA.

Mailing address:

Centre for Chinese Contemporary Art, Market Buildings, Thomas Street, Manchester, M4 1EU

Email address:

 ***Please note participants must be British***

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Pak Sheung Chuen - Resenting Hong Kong series: Resenting my own history, 2014 - image courtesy of the artist