Mandarin Corner

Next Mandarin Corner: Saturday 6th December


1.30 - 3.30pm - hosted by Serein Liu

Mandarin Corner is an informal monthly workshop, held at CFCCA, for those with an interest in learning more about Mandarin language and broader Chinese culture. The sessions are hosted by CFCCA volunteers and cover spoken and written Mandarin, across a wide variety of topics - often themed to CFCCA's current exhibition or other current affairs.

Sessions are free, informal and open to all, from complete beginners and upwards! It's a great way to test and develop your spoken and written Mandarin as well as gain a greater understanding of traditional and contemporary Chinese Culture.

This month the focus will be on the different geographical regions of China and the difference in cultures.

Booking is not currently required however please do ensure that you arrive on time for the start of sessions.

For more information and enquiries please email: 

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Sun Xun: Stately Shadows

18th December - 22nd March

UK premiere of "What happened in the year of the dragon" 

Exhibition preview: Wednesday 17 December 2014. 6-8.30pm

Free entry but limited capacity - click here to book your ticket.

CFCCA is extremely excited to be presenting a major solo exhibition of Sun Xun following the recent Asia Triennial Manchester 2014 in Gallery 1. In the gallery Sun Xun will be screening the UK premiere of his animation "What happened in the year of the dragon" along with some of previous animation and video works.
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Coal Spell (2008), Sun Xun - image courtesy of the artist

Mathew Tom – Artist in Residence

Whisper Residency 4th November - 7th December

Open Studio,Wednesday 3rd December - 6-8pm

Open Studio is free but limited capacity
click this link to book your place

Mathew Tom is an artist born of a mixed racial background, he has always been interested in this idea of cultural melding leading to identity confusion.

Since 2011, he has been describing in the form of videos, photographs and drawings a fictional spiritual community called Society of Friends. It is a reflection of his ideas of utopian society turned dystopian through boredom, vanity and a desire to believe. On the outset, a perfect place where beauty and belief reign, but the onset of boredom, lack of structure and narcissism lead to dissatisfaction.

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Mathew Tom, Society of Friends - image courtesy of the artist Methew Tom, 'Society of Friends' 2014 - image courtesy of the artist