30 Years of CFCCA | Stanley Chow


5 February - 31 December 2016
Part of 30 years of CFCCA


CFCCA is proud to launch our new limited edition print shop with a series of exclusive works by celebrated Manchester artist Stanley Chow.

We originally worked with Stanley Chow in 2014 when we hosted The Takeawaya retrospective of his work influenced by memories of his childhood. The exhibition and accompanying sale of his artworks was extremely well attended and a highlight of CFCCA's programme.

My 1st home - Stanley Chow 2016

Lu Pingyuan

James Stanley, the Seventh Earl of Derby

5 August – 17 October 2016
Preview - Thursday 4 August 2016, 6-8pm
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Gallery 2

Shanghai-based artist, Lu Pingyuan (b. 1984, Zhejiang Province, China) writes stories as a way to express his artistic points of view. The stories are partly authentic and partly fictional, often enigmatic and concerned with spiritual themes. His interest in the supernatural attracted him to the reports of mysterious sightings of a ghost, seen by staff of the Ye Olde Man and Scythe pub in Bolton and also captured on CCTV.

Kuo I-Chen Residency

Taipei Artist Village Exchange Programme

15 August - 14 November 2016
Open Studio: Thursday 20 October 2016, 6-8pm

Residency Space

Through his practice, Taiwanese artist Kuo I-Chen interrogates the process of residencies themselves. He recently developed the STUPIN website, a platform for residency exchange allowing artists to directly swap studios and resources, creating new opportunities for collaboration.

For his CFCCA residency, I-Chen will work with different artists, studios and University courses across the city of Manchester to explore the concepts of collaboration and exchange.



Remnants of an Electronic Past

19 August – 9 October 2016, Preview - Thursday 18 August 2016, 6-8pm

Gallery 1

This year Manchester celebrates its position as European City of Science 2016. To mark this occasion, CFCCA’s programme will explore the boundaries between art and science through the lens of Chinese contemporary art. Opening this programme is Remnants of an Electronic Past, a solo exhibition from Shanghai based new media artist 'aaajiao'.

Trained as a computer programmer, aaajiao works extensively with new technologies through his work (even his artist name comes from the handle of his online presence).

Through reproduction of sculptural elements to represent a ‘digital graveyard’, aaajiao uses his own unique approach to contemporary technology to contemplate what happens to obsolete versions of software as technology moves forward asking the question, where does software go to die?

Dani Ploeger: Retired Cybernetic Organism #2

Saturday 24 September, 4-5pm | Free
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Part lecture part performance, this unique event explores the interaction between cyborg bodies and electronic waste.

Dani Ploeger is interested in the spectacles of sex, violence and waste in technoconsumer culture. His work encompasses computer programming, electronics, hacking, cultural theory and performance. His artwork has been shown at festivals including transmediale (Berlin), WRO Media Art Biennale (Wroclaw), RIXC (Riga).

Curated by Marianna Tsionki

Tarot Card Reading Workshop: Yin-Ju Chen

Godlee Observatory, The University of Manchester
Tuesday 18 October, 6 - 7.30pm | Free

Led by artist Yin-Ju Chen, this workshop will invite participants to learn the art of tarot card reading and hear more about the artist's unique practice.







Kirsty Harris

How I Learned to Stop Worrying (1945-2016)

21 October 2016 - 22 January 2017
Preview - Thursday 20 October 2016, 6-8pm

Gallery 2

This exhibition by Yorkshire born artist Kirsty Harris explores the notion of nuclear explosions as cultural, historical and aesthetic objects.




MovISee: Yen-Ting Cho

Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester
Saturday 22 October 2016, 10am - 5pm | Free

In collaboration with the Manchester Science Festival, CFCCA presents MoviSee an interactive and participatory event using the movement of the human body as a starting point. Become part of the artwork and explore the science and technology behind it at this unique collaborative performance suitable for all ages.

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AER Residency: Chloe Ting

Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme

21 November - 4 December 2016
Open Studio: Wednesday 30 November 2016, 6-8pm

Residency Space

The Art for the Environment International Artist Residency Programme (AER) provides University of the Arts London (UAL) graduates with the opportunity to apply for a residency at a number of internationally renowned host institutions, to explore concerns that define the 21st century such as biodiversity, environmental sustainability, social economy, and human rights.

In November, CFCCA will be host to UAL student, Chloe Ting, who will use the residency time to imagine and create work that explores these global issues from a Chinese context.

AER was launched in 2015 by Professor Lucy Orta, UAL Chair of Art and the Environment. Through research, studio practice, critiques and mentoring, the AER programme is designed to envision a world of tomorrow.



Shen Xin: Originally Inclusive

University of Salford, Media City
Thursday 17 November 2016, 6 - 8pm | Free

This experimental live event by artist Shen Xin explores inclusiveness and exclusiveness of individual’s and collective’s understandings of origin through a collaboration of art, science and performance. A new commission, the performance will present three UK based story tellers morphed into hand-drawn abstract animations to deliver scripted passages about their origins and DNA.

SHEN Xin was born in Chengdu, China  and currently lives and works in London. Foregrounded by moving image work, SHEN’s practice concerns the social position of the artist, and engages recently with re-instrumentalising technique, judgment, power and morality.